Buying and Selling Excess Inventory

Many retailers specialize in selling surplus stock to their customers. There is a great deal of value to these items, despite the fact that they had not previously sold. Many reasons exist for why some merchandise remains on a store shelf, or in a warehouse, and it is rarely because the items were not desirable.

One of the most common reasons is that the products were overpriced originally. In this instance, the reseller benefits because they can often purchase the items at a low price. Because many people offer them through online shops or auctions, there is much less overhead to worry about. This makes it easier for the seller to offer their products with a lower markup, and make them finally affordable to the people that are interested in that type of item.

Surplus Stock is often available because the merchandise was over-ordered originally. The market might have become saturated with the same things and the buyers who were once looking for that one lamp, picture frame or garden implement already had what they needed. However, several months, or a few years later, they may want another, need to replace a broken item or others may have seen it, and want one for themselves.

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The customer base is also a factor. Certain stores, small local shops and neighborhood department stores have a set area where they sell their goods. Online retailers can ship items to shoppers around the country, or around the world. Because of their extended reach, they have the opportunity to expose their inventory to a greater number of customers, as well as a larger range of people with unique tastes and interests. Companies also often go out of business before their entire inventory can be sold. This is a great resource for companies that purchase the bankrupt stock and then sell it in bulk to other retailers. The products are often inexpensive, compared to their original prices, and are frequently still trendy and desirable.

There is always the chance that no matter how well-priced something is and how attractive or high in quality it may be, it could still be impossible to sell. It is important to know both how to buy, and how to sell overstocked items. Some dealers specialize in purchasing stock items from others that are having financial problems, made an error in their ordering and any other number of reasons why they have goods they have been unable to sell on their own. By being able to eliminate overstock without losing money, as well as purchase inventory at a reduced rate, every seller will be in a better position to run a more profitable business.

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